Game-changing technology for drug development.

The MEDi platform – a functional readout for HLA peptide presentation

The MEDi platform is a fast and sensitive method to identify tumor specific antigens presented on the patients HLAs. It is entirely based on a functional readout without the need for the inherently inefficient HLA peptide binding predictions. As a consequence, our therapeutic cancer vaccines will be significantly enriched for antigens effectively presented to T cells substantially increasing their efficacy.

The MCR platform

The MCR platform enables the discovery of epitopes recognized by CD4 T cells and allows an unbiased screening of T cell receptor specificities in patients suffering from cancer, autoimmune or infectious diseases. Concomitantly, it also provides companion diagnostic tools for monitoring of antigen-specific T cells. Based on the MCR platform, we will offer a broad spectrum of applications and products in therapeutic and diagnostic areas.

COPE platform

A screening platform allowing simultaneous identification of tumor specific T cell epitopes and their specific T cell receptors.

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