News & Achievements


MCR Technology published in Nature Immunology

Deciphering CD4+ T cell specificity using novel MHC–TCR chimeric receptors Nature Immunology.


Baselaunch 2018

Tepthera was selected as one of four winners out of 112 participants from over 30 countries. Read more about this on


CTI grant 2017

Tepthera received funding form the Commission for Technology and Innovation to further develop its technology and to bring it to the clinic.


Venture Kick 2016

Personalized cancer vaccines (Biotech): Personalized therapeutic cancer vaccines based on novel targets discovered using our proprietary MCR screening platform. This technology allows fast and effective identification of cancer specific peptides and provides a strong basis for efficient therapeutic vaccine development.


Spark Award 2015

Teptheras MCR technology was selected to be the most promising invention of 2014 that was registered for a patent. Read more about this on